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Industries worldwide count on QUAB for reliable cationizing reagents and the broadest product range among all cationizing reagent producers. MORE >

QUAB® cationizing reagents help our customers improve the quality and performance of their products.

QUAB cationizing reagents impart a positive charge to a wide range of substrates. The resulting high-strength cationic polymers offer beneficial surface-active properties for countless applications.

Continued product innovation has made QUAB a global leader in cationizing reagents. Customers trust us for supply consistency, outstanding customer service, and application know-how.

QUAB products are available in both bulk and packaged quantities.


Turn to QUAB for dependable supplies of these cationizing reagents.

QUAB 188

Used in the production of paper in the wet end as well as in surface sizing. Click to learn more →

QUAB 151

Useful in specialized applications such as dry cationization processes and where it is important to minimize the salt load in the effluent. Click to learn more →


Long-chain reagents offering beneficial surface-active properties when reacted with substrates. Click to learn more →

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