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QUAB® 151 - Storage

QUAB 151 should be stored at temperatures ranging between 10 and 20 °C. Viscosity increases exponentially at temperatures < 10 °C and solids may crystallize.

The stability of QUAB 151 deteriorates with increasing storage temperatures due to hydrolysis of the epoxide. The epoxide content in QUAB 151 decreases at 20 °C by approximately 3.5 %. To preserve product quality, storage temperatures should not be allowed to exceed 20 °C.

Storage temperatures exceeding 35 °C must be avoided in all cases since this may cause uncontrolled exothermic self-decomposition of QUAB 151. Measures to stabilize the product should already be taken when the product goes beyond the target set point temperature of the cooling system.

Storage tanks with an external cooling unit made of any of the materials listed under transport are recommended for storing QUAB 151. Storage in airconditioned rooms is also possible provided suitable measuring and control devices are used to control air and product temperature. Monitoring product temperature is mandatory if cooling equipment fails or is shut down for a prolonged period. Monitoring is also recommended to prevent an uncontrollable self-accelerated decomposition of QUAB 151. Additional information and storage guidelines for QUAB 151 are available upon request.




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